How to Engage and Retain your line…

Just because you are in a position of leadership doesn’t mean you are an effective leader.  When you approach your year in the East, remember the officers under your direction, keep them engaged and keep them happy.

Looking back, I made some significant changes to my officer line-up and neglected to inform everyone in the line or gather any feedback – I immediately lost two officers who felt left out, don’t make my same mistake. 

5 Ways To Keep Employees (Line Officers) Happy And Engaged:1. Be clear, consistent, and open in your communications.2. Give employees a chance to weigh in on decisions, don’t make assumptions.3. Offer opportunities for development and growth.4. Ask for feedback and act on it quickly, pushing off issues to the last hour is asking for problems.5. Share a long-term plan and focus.

I have found in my leadership roles within my volunteer organizations, just keeping people in the loop often makes the difference between success and failure. Taking that a step further, just informing your “top level” of employees, banking on the information trickling down is unacceptable. To effectively communicate with your employees, you need to address and engage them all. Doing otherwise is a direct recipe for making individuals feel left out, and a major factor in team member loss. 

Contributing Author:
Brother L. K. Bray III is the current Worshipful Master for Lodge No. 43, F. & A.M. of Lancaster, PA. He is a 32° Scottish Rite Mason and a Member of the Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge where he is a Level 2 Scholar.

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